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27.8.11 trip: BA #2

more from Buenos Aires, the very Western European influenced city in Argentina.
very pretty lads and ladies!

these are photos from my previous post while in Argentina.

extend the post to see! (:

[above] BA was the start of cold on our trip. so no, i didn't miss the winter back at home

[above] possibly an installation? quite pretty, no?

[above] we visited the famous cemetery, where the famous and elite would RIP (well, maybe. herds of tourists go every day)

[above] the cemetery had 'streets', and roaming were cats, happily fed by the cemetery keepers

[above] a Mexican stand-up over the food in the middle. IN.TENSE!

[above] maybe the little meows were there for the spirits

[above] Como Casa.. beautiful beautiful scrumptious food!

- - -


♥ kabs said...

omg, awesome pics! especially love the cats in their little mexican stand-up. and of course the food :3


Anonymous said...

Baahhh amazing!!

Vanessa said...

That avocado looks absolutely divine. I would loveeeeee to go to that cemetery, so beautiful.

luvieur said...

people thought it was creepy, but i saw the purrrty of it. glad you see it too!! <3

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