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22.8.11 trip: rio #2

last day in Rio
extension of photos from the blog entry brazil & argentina

click to extend and see my photo dump. BOOYAH!

 [above] Ayres.

 [above] the beautiful Parque de Lage, yes, where Beautiful was shot (Snoop Dogg & Pharrel)

 [above] Ayres. single, ladies.

 [above] daz.

 [above] Parque de Lage cafe

 [above] jfox, daz, ayres, long, and me

 [above] walking through the park of Parque de Lage (large park)

[above] long's ink & peeling skin

- - -


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place! To bad for the service! Haha

luvieur said...

Yeah, service was shit! Haha sooo sloowwww...!

♥ kabs said...

omg, Parque de Lage is so beautiful! i want to go! take me there please...


luvieur said...

let's go let's go!
it's where they filmed Beautiful with Snoop and Pharrel!

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