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online shopping & pink lips for winter?

does anyone rmb that 'game' in primary school that goes:
circle, circle, dot, dot
line, dot, electric shock
*suggestive hand gestures of digging fingers into people's waists*
wow. spending too much time working with kids from werk.

saw this pic of MKA Olsen, and thought it was really cute. they both have amazing unique style and look unified at the same time.
i dont think i could hold ona's hand tho... i mean, really. would you hold the hands of a fagatron doofbag drenched in cooties?! haha
no really.

moving on.

here's some eye candy. ps: thank you to mon v for introducing me to shopnastygal! x

and i've been thinking about sporting some light pink lipstick. wuddayarekons?

anyways, catch you on the flipside

- - -


Anonymous said...

and hey, just cos i dipped these badboyhands in a lot of bodies don't mean that nothing good came out of it
8 D

ahhaa actually, what i was going to say was *points* I HAVE THOSE PANTS! 8 D

♥ kabs said...

haha i wouldn't hold cooties hand either. LOL

but yes the olsens have awesome style. LOVE :)

hehe at the vid. its so gangsta, but with leggo men? HAHA


Anonymous said...

why would you not hold my hand when i'm so cuuuuuute?!

i forgot to mention, light lips is GROSS

luvieur said...

cooties are NOT cuties, dipshit. haha
yes, i wanna own a pair of those sexy pants! :D

PRIBL your chicken face.

KANI said...

love those boots!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

thought you may like to know, you can get similar lace styled tops at ally for cheaper :)

luvieur said...

heehee thanks leen! xx

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