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ona accidentally drew a line on me. i told her to finish it off. here's my hizzle chizzle ink

photoshoot with vanessa & kabs

just came back from an work trip - Albany
cheap tuesday pizza / watching nickelodeon / woke up with curly hair / Dog Rock .. cos it looks like a dog - duh / a tree branch stuck to the door

came back home to a parcel <3 wheeee~

rachel & malisa, u rock my socks.

- - -


chocolate fix

@exomod w vanessa, kabs, shirley // best lemon lime brulee right thurr
got my thrifted $10 dress dirty last night - trying to save it now

- - -

i started making a dress last P.M, and just finished this A.M!

- - -


thinking of you, Alaskah... miss you, fluffyface!

Alaskan Escape // model: tracy



new Topshop heels - jussy, they're big enuff for you to wear, too! haha
vintage denim wash shirt/dress i've been obsessing about
tights for autumn/winter
healthy homemade kebab
ona is a cyclops
bilal joins the cyclops crew
rufus having a lick-a-thon

- - -

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