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australia day '10
food, lovers, hot weather, lazy day


i went to the oxford st markets again (before leen's high tea). this time it was a little less hot, and i found pieces i really liked.
[above] this is tara from ginger fox (gingerfoxvintage featured my awsum face! O: haha)  and how cute are the bolts necklace?  i bought a pair of 1970s shorts that i'll take a pic of one day to show your lovely beings!
pic of me on the right is sourced from gingerfoxvintage

[above] oxford st markets in Leederville run on saturdays until march. there's lots of vintage finds, as well as rare clothing and homewares.
[above] and how freakin awesome is his ink? zombie robot. lovesit.


i just read a post i made a week or so back... aaanndd.. i said that i'd be trying to do pilates everynight.. and drink more water everyday. weeelll - i haven't. haha
i've been lazy with pilates cos i run out of energy from a long day at work, and as much as i try to drink water, sometimes i forget my bottle and stuff..

i also forgot to post up my recent photo with kabs:

there were more... but i dropped my external HD and lost all of it. yes, it was a very devastating day for me.. which i SORTA made up for with retail therapy. *sigh*

i'm not working at FCUK anymore, cos i landed a job as a school portrait photographer! YAY!!! finally getting into the industry - i'm so happy!! (:
i'm travelling to Geraldton in a couple weeks for the company, so i'm real excited!!


holy brocolli! look at these!! O:  (pic from refinery29)
created by Andreia Chaves - dubbed the invisible shoe ... ns!

went to a carwash off albany hwy - best thing ever! instead of sitting in your car and listening to the rumbles of the machine run past your car a million times, you sit your car in a bay  and clean it yourself with a high pressure hose, pink foam, and [other options that i don't rmb]. you just insert gold coins into a machine, & it was <$6 to clean my car! cheap and fun!!

oh yeah; grazed my knee while doing a photoshoot that morning ): it stings so badly in the shower ):

then to greens & co. with ben & bilal


leen's 22nd came around, and it was rainbow themed again.
here are some pics of the high-tea party before the drinks @ luxe with the common people - HAHA.

fi stamped the rainbow cupcake on her tongue ... & leen stuffed the rainbow cupcake in her mouth ... so ladylike
a present from bilal, david, kabs, ona, and yours truly

and because there were too much cupcakes that weren't finished, leen invited some people to meet @ utopia to finish them off (:
the night featured 'lil low' david, david z, duane, fred, leen, & me

duane took the last pic ((:


g'ma turned 69 this year.. in the noughties. OH funnies.
half - wait, make that The Royal on the waterfront. in short: fancy, overpriced, lovely tiramisu, beasty seafood platter *hint hint to seafood luhvvers*
my parental units & onafagface >=)

how sexy is the top i made? alexa chung in Poltock & Walsh much? bahahaa

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