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29.8.11 trip: cordoba #2

Cordoba, and our climb up Los Gigantes mountain

here are photos from the blog entry cordoba (argentina)

extend post to see them. :D

 [above] wide spaces and white architecture in Cordoba

 [above] ayres, jonny, daz

[above] a lot of flowers sold on the streets in Cordoba, oh, and also Rio - Brazil.

[above] craving more shepherds' pie & cauliflower cheese, home-made.

- - -

[above] climbing the highest peak of Los Gigantes

[above] long, ayres, daz, jonny - listening to our tour guide

[above] aidan, taking shots of the awesome view - and we weren't even near the midway point

[above] Mufasa much?

[above] smaeeeyshed it! longjohns & my rosey-vegemite-cheeks

[above] UNICORN?! O:

- - -


Vanessa said...

Love the panoramic shot! Beautiful pics xx

Anonymous said...

Such gangsters! Good achievement! Loved that day of mountain climbing! Mmm and home cooked meals were awesome!

luvieur said...

thanks starfish!!

thanks man, i appreciate it.

♥ kabs said...

OMG, u saw a unicorn?! did u get any glitter from it's horn-thing? :) it really does look like one, hey?!


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