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went to Matsuri, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Perth, with my sister.
surprised her with her belated present.

Peter Alexander onesie.. what more could you want before winter nights kick in?

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 [above] breakfast on the balcony, ipad, and Jay-Z's Decoded (courtesy of Colkers)

[above] wearing my DIY sequin bra

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a 60 x 60cm Hand Job made in mind of a dear friend... so.. sort of a commission work.

The Rose Bath



The Rose Bath

unprimed MDF, pencils, spray paint, acrylic, blush, ink, marker

currently on hold for viewing, selling for $80.

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 jonny, wat / jussy, m, pea

 lita / long

 ona / myself

curtain / kabs

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just finished developing some images.
these are from winter 2011

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[above] long, albert, colkers, benny, vic

 [above] shephard's pie, potato gratin, cauliflower cheese... later followed by apple pie

it was fun cooking together last time, i can't wait to do it again this friday! mmMmmm!
next up, Italian cuisine!!

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- - -

went to watch Spirited Away with albert, colkers, jonny, long at Rooftop Cinemas (event ends March 31)
had some Jus Burger beforehand

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also wearing my DIY sequin bra underneath

- - -

bought new babes.

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blog titles never really what it seems.

i've finished my Gypsy Hand Job (art pieces, named after a silly accident in Bolivia, resulting in the temporary pause of my normal activities as a photographer, that were made by hand rather than camera).

it's a beaut.
i really love it. almost enough to not sell it.
but my wall space is limited.

this one took me almost a month to do.

blue spray paint on unprimed MDF. gradient, subtle cross, and paint drip. // oh look! it's me.

tadaa! dry. and ready to get worked on

initial lines, then Ace card detail, in marker. // starting on hair detailing from the bottom left corner
Ace card: middle spade is detailed with hearts, cubs, and diamonds within it.

 second day.. getting a lot done // and close up shot - paint gloss finish makes it hard to see my marker lines, and photograph

 right side done in another (3rd) day // close up shot

finally get a mask, after throat blockage and headaches from the markers. i drew whiskers on 'em. duh.

Sharpies marker for the spray painted parts // hair work creeping up... 4th day

details with ink, hair. 5th day.

detailed eyes and face. 6th day

 after a long week and a half of not knowing how to finish off the piece... i decided to paint the ravens with acrylic for a subtle, yet interest-grabbing look. and i love it.


unprimed MDF, pencil, spray paint, marker, ink, acrylic
60 x 60 cm
for sale sold $120

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