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23.8.11 trip: rio - paraty

arrived in Paraty from Rio, and arrived in time to make dinner
photo dump from the earlier blog entry brazil & argentina

extend post to see

 [above] long, making dinner for his bitches


[above] my bed in Paraty

[above] stefni & jfox

[above] ayres

[above] long

[above] rock pool beach

[above] Yogi and Waika... such a loving and friendly dude.

[above] yogi, long, ayres, daz

[above] Waika, and his newly bought shark tooth necklace

[above] making dinner again. vicky, jonny, long.

[above] steak nighhhtttt!

[above] getting my creative on

- - -


Anonymous said...

Paraty was one of my favorite places! So homely! And so much to do! Would love to go back!

luvieur said...

really, i would love to go back to all the places, minus uyuni. lol

♥ kabs said...

ranga hair! its so orange in that pic!

btw, who's the kid?

also, is uyuni that girl u were talking abt on your trip?


luvieur said...

hahaha!! no... Uyuni is a small town in Bolivia, we stayed there before seeing the Salt Lakes.

Waika is the son of a guy, Yogi, that we met on the bus to the beach. He was really friendly and helped us get to the awesome rock pool area.

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