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23.8.11 trip: paraty

last day in Paraty

more pics from my trip, following the blog entry brazil & argentina
extend to seeee :D

 [above] historic town - you can only explore via foot/bicycle

 [above] photography, graffiti, writing, drawing, wrecking

 [above] jonny playing ball

 [above] Wreck This Journal from long, cut jonny's hair

[above] passing out in a hammock

- - -


Anonymous said...

So much chillaxin! SOOO good!

Joeyy said...

I love how you do your pics - the colours always turn out great >_< teach me your secret please :)

♥ kabs said...

chillaxing indeed. so jealous of your holiday right now. mine was so rushed. especially cos i went to BKK and HK... which are generally insanely busy cities!!


luvieur said...

we;ll defffs float more in 2k12!! :D xx

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