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a toast to glistening golden skin

dreaming of tomorrow.

summer is here. this means toning, swimsuit shopping, and finding those perfect sunnies. hell, let's find some skates, too!

i'll smell like a summer breeze, and taste like icecream on salty skin.

i'll miss you, but i find comfort knowing you're feeling the same.
a family of luhvvers is all we need.

that, and a warm bonfire with marshmallows.

i dare you to move.


- - -


♥ kabs said...

i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve summer! can't wait to beach with you! we gonna get sooo black!!

btw, pretty pictures!! &&& love that song <3


♥ kabs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

lurn to cover up, show a bit of modest, i sure ur man is so happy u showing of urself lik these

Anonymous said...

I think you rock that beach with appropriate beach attire! And whoever you are anonymous: learn to spell, show a bit of education. I'm sure your teachers wouldn't be happy to see you like this. : )

luvieur said...

@Kabs: yay Monday! :D

@anonymous: It's a picture at the beach; I wear bikinis. He never had a problem with that. I don't see why you should. (:

@kerplouski: love the witty relativity

Melissa said...

Who is anonymous? Meanie! Love you Stef! Iv been meaning to say keep up the great work :)

Zakari said...

I think Anonymous is that creepy dude lurking in the background... obviously he wasn't happy with you stealing attention from you.

Zakari said...

Oops... from him I mean... fail!

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