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21.8.11 trip: syd-la

in L.A., California
if you'd like to see the photos from the post la, extend to seeee :D

 [above] got in LA early, and had to order a bagel, to check off 'american things to do' list - cafe next to my motel

 [above] my surprisingly nice and spacious room (with kitchen!) @ Seaview Motel, Santa Monica

 [above] ily, yellowcard. you, me, and my teenage years.

[above] Santa Monica beach

 [above] love walking around, shopping, with wifi EVERYWHERE. + yummy berry cake

 [above] walking back from shopping @ 3rd st Promenade to hommmme

 [above] green curry chicken for dinner - yum!

 [above] my bathroom in Seaview Motel

[above] airport, leaving LA

- - -


Anonymous said...

U got some great shots of l.a.! And bagels are dissapointing!

luvieur said...

bagels are so dry. hm.. shoulda noted that. oh well.

♥ kabs said...

all i learned is LA= bright lights + bright buildings + pretty beached + dry bagels.

worth visiting?


luvieur said...

haha! LA is quite pretty! I love that in the states, there's wifi EVERYWHERE! haha

def worth visiting, would like to stay a lil longer!

and NY!!!!! omgggg... saving that for you biatch! xx

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