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21.8.11 trip: la-rio

rio de janeiro, brazil

these are some photos from Rio, in addition to my mobile uploads and blog entry on brazil.
extend awaaayyy

 [above] jfox at Leblon beach

[above] the view from Leblon beach

[above] jfox & luvieur

[above] long, and previous drinking night & sharpie attack

[above] having coconuts, walking from Leblon to Ipanema beach

[above] hanging our clothes in our dorm, like a mini Chinatown

[above] hostel chilling

[above] the bible

- - -


Anonymous said...

Feels like so long ago! But such good times!

luvieur said...

it does, hey!?
im so happy i went!

♥ kabs said...

omg, i gotta repeat this. your hair is gorgeous <3


luvieur said...

eeek!!! :D :D :D :D thanks babydollll!!!
not sure what to do next!?

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