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micro fibre cloths feel funny

microfibre cloths pin-point slightly dry or chapped areas on my fingers. i can't tell without the cloth, but when i do touch it - it makes me feel grossly old and worn out - as if i need to bath in vaseline! speaking of old...

- - -

ona & lilu had their 20th bday party, themed Cartoon Characters
here are some shots i'd like to share with you humble luhvvers:
i went as pocahontas (DIY dress), ben went as zuko (from Avatar: Last AirBender - DIY arm & leg pieces, DIY kimono vest piece), bilal went as leonardo (from TMNT - eyewear & turtle shell from Spotlight)
and see that cutely bedazzled iphone just above? makes me wanna do the same. mmmmm.. yes.

- - -

so i've been thinking a lot about having a full fringe... i've always gone against having one or having short hair, because my face is framed like a rounded square - so it makes my face look bigger.

HO-MY-GOD, too much time in my hands, i had to throw it around like confetti and do this:
teeheeheeeheeheeee~ *prances around nekkit*
whatcha reckon? and how weird is it to see me with no fringe below? O:

- - -


Anonymous said...

noice dimpoo

luvieur said...

totes didnt see that maeyn.
i can be like octonojojo now. WHOO~

rainbow leen ♥ said...

hahah the pic with me in it looks a lil weird but the pic on the left of that looks okay, reminds me of japanese school girl haha. the brunette chick looks nice :)
♥ the pocahontas outfit, its so cute and bilal HAHA lol

luvieur said...

yeah, jap girl. haha i agree.


♥ kabs said...

i like it. i like it a lot. u look super cute! however, in the pic with matt, u look like a crazy jap horror movie! i still like it tho!


luvieur said...

thanks sugar. xx
DISTYMB your face.

Vanessa said...

For a second there i thought you had already cut it!
i say go for it ;)

luvieur said...

lots of pro-cuts! im excited and scared! lol
ps: thanks for the fringe pic starfish!! x

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