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dreaming of tomorrow.

summer is here. this means toning, swimsuit shopping, and finding those perfect sunnies. hell, let's find some skates, too!

i'll smell like a summer breeze, and taste like icecream on salty skin.

i'll miss you, but i find comfort knowing you're feeling the same.
a family of luhvvers is all we need.

that, and a warm bonfire with marshmallows.

i dare you to move.


- - -


model: Bek Debnam

.. swallow your heart, there's no room for love.
no-one's to trust but your own hands.
those who deserve your breath are those who walk through your glass eyes ..
- - -

i've been channeling this gothic feel for a while now. probably since i bought that black lippy! ><
hope it's not too depressing, and a lot of you can relate.
there's a beauty in everything, even death. this, i believe, is what goth is.

- - -


since high school, i've wanted to get back into roller blades.
fuck, they're amazing!

after watching Whip It, i thought, "hey, that's even better; roller skates and pushes bitches"! haha

but seriously, i think this summer calls for roller skating/blading.

i'm currently cooking spagbol, drinking iced coffee, thinking of a pedicure, and looking for cheap rollers! gonna tag, sticker, and bedazzle the shit out of it!!


the Fonz thinks this be a good idea!

- - -


please excuse me for some depressing words of posts lately, but i am trying to get out of some unfortunate mess..
i am, though, trying to get through it, and find some great things to do in life.

high tea was today.
it was lovely...


high-tea was @ The Duxton
the dress i'm wearing is a vintage piece i adore!

- - -

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