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blessed to have good quality food

bilal & i make this beef & pasta salad when we feel like making a healthy lunch @home


blessed to have healthy body and living environment
i feel that it's time to renovate my room or something. more polaroids, more medium format pictures - which reminds me.. i need to print those diana lomo pics ><

so happy to have found and received such beautiful, quirky, and yourdogwantstoairhumpmyleg shoes!

blessed to have a close relationship with the family, spending more time together, and celebrating more things

blessed to have this manboy for so many reasons

blessed to have such caring friends
i don't have photos for all of you, but they include all the kids from myer, high school friends, uni mates, and thru-friends friends... stone me if i've forgotten anyone else

thank you, guys, for always being there and always caring - there's been so much drama this year, and i'm glad you stuck by me. lots and lots of love
hope to see you allll much much more in 2010, too!!


  i hope everyone had a relaxed, happy, and safe time over xmas..
here's my xmas unwrapped:
xmas eve:

(@ 12.01AM)
and rmb this ring i was eye-ing?
... I GOT IT FOR XMAS!!! O: from ben ((:  <3

xmas night:
i went to see some xmas lights, for those who missed out, these are for you..
these pics were taken at a few houses in Thornlie and High Wycombe [list of locations]


before this entry continues, i'd like to say that there have been some deaths this year that have greatly impacted me and my family, as well as friends. i'd like to send my thoughts out to them and let them know that they will never be forgotten and were and are still very much loved

it's sad when people leave when such a large holiday is just around the corner, which is meant to bring family and friends closer. 

christmas celebrations started off with work friends a few days ago. it was very nice to chat and drink with people outside of work, and thank you to matt & dan for organising it all for us.
for photoshoots and photosession enquiries, please contact me on FB / 0434 581 893
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