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31.8.11 trip: arg-bol

We left Argentina and bussed it to Bolivia

extend the post motherfuxkaaaa

 [above] cholitas dress in traditional A-line skirts, shawls, and bowler hats // crossing the Argentina-Bolivia border

 [above] our tour in Bolivia to go to Uyuni

 [above] daz & jonny

 [above] fuxking mad scenery!

[above] Bolivia is very hill-y... and the altitude doesn't help went you're walking around ><

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Anonymous said...

Even after all the shit that went down in Bolivia, still a massive highlight of the trip! So many good and bad memories there! Definately a complete experience!

Sandra said...

Great blog!

You have new follower :)

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luvieur said...

@anon: mos' def! i can't say i don't like Bolivia. that's just outrageous. i'm so glad we were pretty safe through our whole trip!

@sandra: thanks sweet! i'll def visit! (:

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