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dear magic 8 ball, where will i be in 2015


seeing pokemon reminds me of back-in-the-day. but there's no use driving, looking at the rear-view mirror. kids, always look ahead while driving, a glance or two to check if your lippy's on properly may be risky - but we live on the edge, don't we? haha

anyway... my other half has left me for work.. he'll be back in 4 weeks. so it got me thinking about my future. ps: i miss you babe.

a mentor has told me life's like a jigsaw puzzle. you have heaps of random pieces, and there are a few that you know belong together. but it's always easier when you have that picture on the box cover. plan your life ahead... write to yourself a present-tense note about what & where you are in 2015 .. or 2020 if you can think far enough. Write about the people around you, your lifestyle, your job.. everything.
this 2015 (or 2020) note will give you a goal set in stone.. so from now on.. your decisions in life can be based on that. think "will picking up this piece get me to the full pictured puzzle?"
i've done some of my 2015 plan.. and seriously... it's bizarre to write about yourself in 5 years time.. but it's amazing how

speaking of the future..
i wouldn't mind me one of these

'cept, it'd be a cardboard hangers of my face, and instead of Depp, it'd be Bradley Cooper ... oh, helloooo

and, helloooo to these babies!
by dsquared. always fresh, mofo.


Anonymous said...

The strappy version! :))

I'm impressed about the 2015 plan. things are just different when they're written down. makes it all seem so concrete.

luvieur said...

yes! i've seen the strappy! haha.. i like the booties better :D

i know hey? it's all set in stone once you write it down (:

♥ kabs said...

such wise words :)


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