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making my way to ACMI for a Qantam exhibition


[above] my brother's character design art

[above] longers 

- - -
[above] leaving Fed Square and heading to The Botanical garden, to overhear the Blink 182 concert

- - -



Hawaii was amazing. 

Pea & Aaron's wedding was a perfect reason to go visit the exotic state during the xmas and new years holidays.

it was a little bit of a bummer that i didn't end up snorkeling, surfing, hiking Diamond Head, and seeing turtles.. the unpredictable weather slammed these plans.
i can't wait to go back.
i love you, Hawaii! 

- - -


- - -

went to Simon's Peiking Duck (Box Hill) during the last days of Chinese New Year.
so good to have gone during the season.

it wasn't the same as i normally have a 3 course peking duck (they didn't have sang chow bao - the lettuce cup with duck mix), but it was cheap ($55/duck) and delicious.

- - -


last day in Hawaii ): the beautiful trip coming to an end.
went to Byodo-in temple, had our last dinner at Tropics Bar & Grill after watching fireworks, then swapped our Secret Santa presents

all the pics after the jump (:


[above] Mai Tai.. dinner at Tropics Bar & Grill

[above] beautifully hand-crafted candles

- - -


went to the 'Iolani Palace - amaazing amazing architecture and interior design - followed by a fantastical night at the Paradise Cove Luau

beautiful pics after the jump (:
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