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ipad is a girl's best friend

during the ASOS sale, i fell (HARD) for these.
unfortunately, i am living off 2 minute noodles and $1 cheeseburgers (McDonalds) atm.

i was head over heels, and it pained me to further search the store. so with all my might, i only managed to look at these two beauties, which i'd like to share with you.

ps: the satchel is out of stock now. ouch!


if you're a lucky duck to be an owner of an iPad, be sure to get your hands on the ASOS mag app, for some delightful pictures, interviews, and other interactive fun!

speaking of iPad apps, and perhaps I'm a little slow, Vogue Exclusive app is also another biggy for me atm... hope you enjoy the latest one of McQueen's exhibition feature

- - -


Joeyy said...

GGGARRRHHHH!!! NOOO you've now made me look at ASOS when I've been doing so well to avoid it >_< regardless of how many emails they've sent me!! damn you stef!! :(

luvieur said...

sorry jo, i've conned you. :P

♥ kabs said...

<3 asos. havent been there for a long long time. i think its time to re-visit :)


luvieur said...

you missed their 20% off sales sale. haha

free delivery, you can't go wrong, right?!

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