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cut ona's hair... she's now rocking a fauxhawk

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a spur of the moment w p & kabs


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Lost Prophet
model: jussy

[click on the image for full view - highly recommended]
went to shermaine's massive clothing sale today
1/32 Carr St, West Perth - they're opened tm (sunday) as well from 12-3pm

you really must check it out, shermaine's got mostly size 6-10 clothes, size 7 shoes.
&& rob has some attire for the gentleman at ridiculous prices for ridiculously expensive brands!
2x jackets & 1x long vest thing: $40. BIGGEST SNATCH!

then ona & i went back home to do rufus some grooming, while eating some super healthy 2minute snack. haha

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my new self-portrait

Studded Heart

wearing my diy epic-shoulder-of-death top! (: hoo-hah!!

and yes, i've realised my arms look ano.. but its cos i was pulling my elbows down while holding my foot. haha
yoga peeps will understand.
and to prove that i am eating and healthy... (and also see post below, well.. the several that are labelled 'food'.. which is most of my posts haha)
finally went to Lil Caesers in Leedy, to see if it measures up to the one in Mundaring..
went w kabs & david, along with my boyfeeee-rah.
[above] half chicken siesta, half chicken cashew // & greek lamb pizza
[above] dessert pizza: blackforest
 [above] Cue bar in mt lawley.

a healthy reminder guys: make sure you go to lil caesers an hour earlier than you wish - during peak hrs.


i took my boyfee to a date on thurs.. well, two.

the imp @ vic park

[above] chai latte
[above] fried calamari salad & chicken sandwich w chips
[above] wearing the white gold key necklace my parental units gave me for my 21st! aww ... and my thrifted sheer dress

- - -

ha-lu @ leederville

[above] you MUST try these - fresh/vege'n spring roll - wow, my mouth is watering right now
[above] sashimi of the day: tuna, salmon, uhh.. whats that thing again? // beef & eggplant stuff ..forgot the proper name. haha
[above] agadeshi tofu // chicken teriyaki - best evaaaar

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