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usually i go to ToTo's for good ol' condom rolls, but have been told that home-made is the best way.
if there were beef in there - OHHHH it'd be killlaa!


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i bought a street-art inspired doodle book from leedy the other day - super hyped about it, wanting Taro Gomi books for months!!
met with Bilal for some colouring fun.
*the term "colouring" is not used in reference to the meaning created and used in Sex and the City

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aaaannndd!! :D :D 

this photoblog has finally hit over 1000 pics! :D
thank you for following this blog, and supporting my work!!

i hope to show you more lovely pictures, humble fashion insights, DIYs, random videos, and inspirational stuff!! no pretentious sheyt. 

party time!
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dear darlings, 

Wild Safari project is now on the front page of!
super excited, and HAD to let you know!

speak soon, 
xx stefni


 had dim sum with kabs the other day, at Dragon Palace - such lovely interior! the food isn't bad either!
latest addiction: Yeo's drinks

if you haven't already known - you must be living under a rock - Regents Cakes does the most delicious buns and cakes! My favourites are: sausage in bun, pineapple glazed bun, and fruit cake! tuna bun, and bbq pork bun is also a yummy treat!

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