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28.8.11 trip: BA #3

the B-A-utiful, BA...hurrrrr.. see what i did there?!

some photos of the blog entry... extend post to see (;

[above] freshly squeezed OJ - YUMMERRRS!

[above] longjohns

[above] hand-craft markets in Palermo. BA had the most loveliest hand crafts!!

[above] jonny

[above] oops! forgot to document the name of this cutesy bookstore/cafe

[above] jfoxxy

- - -


Vanessa said...

Love all the shots in this post, so whimsical <3
and omfg at the bookstore- tres quaint!

Anonymous said...

BA is such an amazing city! So much culture! Pretty good model on the bridge ey! Haha

luvieur said...

thanks starfish! maybe in thailand you'll feature in some candid camera loveness as such? heehee

♥ kabs said...

pretty :)


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