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growing my mo' for mo'vember - hawt!

<3 the sweet-virgin-lips effect of my Nivea strawberry lipbalm (:

spring fling dress - i love you, ebay!

lets divert your attention to rufus the doofus

dawww. cute little wet nose and unkempt 'fro sprouting before his big puppy-eyes (:

we still miss you + love you, alaskah


this is me studying:

in <3 with ... deciding whether to get the white/black

oh . my . wow
these two are just oh-so-beautiful!!

Ann Demeulemeester's head band, Obesity and Speed Death's knotted tank, and H&M Exclusive's cuffs

this new blog layout has been edited by yours truly (:
original design is Minima Stretch (found in Blogger's layout page) by Douglas Bowman / Darren Delaye

super saiyan my mane
no, seriously. we need to recolour that. haha

like Bubblegum flavoured icecream
purrrfect-for-summer batwing t (Bardot) & awesome geometrics necklace (believe it or not, Sportsgirl).

i love you more
charity bag (:

ona & i MUST organise and execute project Summer Shopping 'o9 ASAP! gotta do our wardrobe spring cleaning, as summer is near!

& i really can't wait til study is overr - then i can roll in dozens (hopefully) of photoshoots! my fav models: Ash, Alison, Kabs, Jussy; and i'm looking to shoot some more beauties this spring/summer! YAY!
i have many ideas in mind, so v.excited!!!


digital monsters, digital guardian CHAMPIONS! yyyeh


i love GoogleReader! it makes reading blogs easier. haha YAY @RSS feeds!

i also love shoes; ft: Steve Madden's Fiesta & Cristall

angeldust's Sowat Ring is magnificent. it reminds me that i still need to remake my very much loved angelwings ring.
do you know where i can get a ring re-made, and what metal should be used?


Epic Leggings of Death
diy leggings available @Nice&Shiny
diy craftswork readily availble to purchase @Etsy 
knitters decorating the world @KnittaPlease, @KnitGrafittiCrew


the day she had to leave: trying to get my mind off what had happened @onemovement festival
no breakfast = big lunch

bilal used the train! oh em gee

one of the most recent pics of alaskah - for the ppl that kno her, this is how much she had grown.
RIP alaskah, and stop the death stares, rufus!


little baby alaskah - still a puppy - got in a car accident today. 
mum came home from dropping ben @school, left the garage door open cos dad was going to leave to work.
alaskah, mischievous as always, decided to jump over the fence and bark @school kids. 
our neighbour wanted to take alaskah away from the kids, but alaskah ran from him.
she ran onto the road, and a car that was driving by hit her breaks  and ran over alaskah.
her hind legs are injured and was in heaps of pain - as you would.
alaskah yelping, fi ran outside and saw her dragging herself off the road

the lady that ran over her said sorry, but started lecturing fi.
 - that bitch better watch her back!

i woke up to fi yelling out my name, and i saw alasakh crying in so much pain, and blood all over her legs and tail, and fi's arms. her hind paw was sliced and i could barely look @ her when we rushed to the vet.

alaskah is now staying overnight @ the vet, she's able to eat, drink, and pee, but the Drs are concerned b/c she's still dragging her hind legs and not using them.
she's breathing fine, her heartbeat's fine, and she's on fluids, anesthetic, etc.

i wish she was home to play around with the carpet that was taken out of fi's room.

i miss you alaskahmalaskah! 
i wanna kiss your stupid cute head. <3 
i'll let you have my orange tea-cup heels if you come back soon!


to the movies

navy + gold. high class sailor

with film piracy, and the power of the Internet to download film the second it's released... ppl have been scared that no-one will go to the movies, and the millions of dollars poured into the art will drop savagely.

i don't know about you, but as much as i like watching the free movie, i also love going to the movies. it's the movie experience that you can't replicate. even in a home entertainment room.. it's not the same. it's a different cultural experience.

long live cinema

ps: watch Whip It - awesome movie directed by Drew Barrymore - very energetic and makes me wanna buy those rollerblades/skates i've wanted since high school. *sigh*
a lover had her 21st the other day
it was brilliant; food, bubbles, balloons, and pretty faces

i love you hun. (: x


im amused by the fact that soap is not called 'soap' - it's 'beauty cream bar'!! hahaha
but, oh - it smells so clean. P:

anyway, i took a self-portrait the other just for kicks, and it surprisingly turned out really well!!
click the pic to go to the larger version of it (:

the coloured version of this can also be found here

let me know what you think...

- - -

then i decided to become Dove's new face.
HIRE ME, DOVE!! (: (: P:


while doing my 2-2.5k word report, i stumbled across something about the iPhone...

this is the pretty NY Apple Store.

the release of the iPhone was accompanied by a marketing strategy.. pretty smart, really: they had paid "young, hip-looking film extras to stand in the [LONG] queues for the national launch of Apple's iPhone".

to the left to the left: the queue for the first launch of the iPhone in New York

picture from Caroline McCarthy's CNET blog.

people were 'selling their spot' - one man was selling his spot (including his chair) for $5k!? - and apparently the spot wasn't even that fab. 

this man wasn't the only one, others were selling their spots - but wait - there's more! it comes with a free mattress! O:

--- insane.
i don't like waiting for food. i really don't like waiting an hour for my food.
i occasionally go to Bar&Grill @ Nicholson Rd (Perth), but i have never waited this long for food.
feck, i've never waited for food this long before! -- so i got bored and started snapping away

[above] exhibit A: baby waiting for his Livingston Steak

[above] exhibit B: me, covering up my anger w/ a somewhat neutral face

[above] exhibit C: Brookland Chicken w/ Garden Salad and Mango

[above] exhibit D: a really hungry exhibit A

food review: Brookland Chicken was good. and was stunned when i found out that my chicken was choked by thin slices of bacon - i don't like bacon so much esp w/ all that fat! the sauce was very nice, and the mango garden salad is always a fab side!
the Livingston Steak, was nice, too. but the smell of the oysters was a put-off.

ps: i love my nails in exhibit B!! thanks to kabs for letting me intoxicate her room w/ the smell of Bloom nailpolish [shade: YeoJin] late @ night.
pps: babe, that shirt is way to big for you.


i love sour candy - sour straps, sour coke, sour Skittles, sour worms - so thanks for the sour coke baby!
i didn't want to waste time laying in bed + pillow talking like most days. i wanted to get productive without too much effort.     so we painted. (:


lace in ma face gift from Matt from HK the average mahjong sesh time to smell the flowers gift from Matt from HK


in the midst of uni assignments, there should always be times for lovers. friends, partners, and family.

flying to Greens & Co.

romantic vampire bait

ikea bubble lanterns. a lot of them

would you like some trash with that latte?


what's cooler than ice cool? hypothermia

drawn to the blue like a fly to shit. but scared shitless while taking pics in this eerie place. thankgod bilal was with me! ><

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