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We left Argentina and bussed it to Bolivia

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you gotta check them out!

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this is Mendosa: we go horseriding (a birthday present from Jussy)! HOORAH!

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Mendosa, famous for their wines
bloody boring, if you ask me... but i enjoyed eating alfajores, & the sultanas from the Olive Oil farm!

i made a post mendoza (argentina), and here are some photos from my stay

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The Sun (feat. Nili) - Villeneuve

via duriez jérémie

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Cordoba, and our climb up Los Gigantes mountain

here are photos from the blog entry cordoba (argentina)

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welcome to Cordoba!
student central, beautiful architecture, and a choripan chase!

these are photos that go along with the entry cordoba (argentina)

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last day of Buenos Aires, we went to San Telmo on Sunday - when they have a massive street antique market open

here is the photo dump of the day, the blog entry brazil & argentina capped these last few days

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this is Buenos Aires again
we went to some more markets and cafes

a small load of photos from the blog entry brazil & argentina

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the B-A-utiful, BA...hurrrrr.. see what i did there?!

some photos of the blog entry... extend post to see (;


more from Buenos Aires, the very Western European influenced city in Argentina.
very pretty lads and ladies!

these are photos from my previous post while in Argentina.

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during the ASOS sale, i fell (HARD) for these.
unfortunately, i am living off 2 minute noodles and $1 cheeseburgers (McDonalds) atm.

i was head over heels, and it pained me to further search the store. so with all my might, i only managed to look at these two beauties, which i'd like to share with you.

ps: the satchel is out of stock now. ouch!


if you're a lucky duck to be an owner of an iPad, be sure to get your hands on the ASOS mag app, for some delightful pictures, interviews, and other interactive fun!

speaking of iPad apps, and perhaps I'm a little slow, Vogue Exclusive app is also another biggy for me atm... hope you enjoy the latest one of McQueen's exhibition feature

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location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

here's a bunch of pretty photos from our stay in BA,
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Iguasu Falls, Argentinian side
last day... and gotta bus it to Buenos Aires
diary cap here

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Iguasu Falls, Argentinian side
following photos from the entry brazil & argentina

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Iguasu Falls.
our last stop in Brazil...

some photos from the blog entry brazil & argentina
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

here's some pics from Sao Paulo. extend the post to see the eyes of brazil & argentina


last day in Paraty

more pics from my trip, following the blog entry brazil & argentina
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arrived in Paraty from Rio, and arrived in time to make dinner
photo dump from the earlier blog entry brazil & argentina

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last day in Rio
extension of photos from the blog entry brazil & argentina

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pics from my trip, the extension of my blog entry brazil
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rio de janeiro, brazil

these are some photos from Rio, in addition to my mobile uploads and blog entry on brazil.
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in L.A., California
if you'd like to see the photos from the post la, extend to seeee :D

Michelle Williams will be playing Marilyn Monroe for the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn.

never would have thought of Michelle as Monroe, always thought Scarlet would be the most obvious girl. so i can't wait to see what Michelle has for us!

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photos from the trip!
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Lilly Donaldson, Flying Hair

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Tao Okamoto by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China August 2011

i want everything!
from her clothes to her ink.

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Beyoncé by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2011

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some kids look more like mum, or more like dad. some are split right in between, and look like both.
this is something me and frances bean have in common (;

frances bean cobain shot by hedi slimane

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