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Bianca Taylor

doing amazing things in dance.


- - - 


[above] Gloria

[above] Django

[above] sh1nobi

[above] bianca, model of the day

[above] Balaclava .. so much love

[above] homemade laksa!! so damn good!

- - -


[above] Bounce - trampoline fun

[above] Soda Cafe, Glen Waverley, for lunch

[above] Glen Waverley ten pin bowling & pool

[above] dessert at Pancake Parlour, followed by birthday drinks for Paul.

- - -


it's so nice to be able to see lovers.

thank you, Internet.

- - -


[above] this by-standing cutie started boogying her hips with dancing street buskers.
[above] Chinatown


Crystal Jade for dim sum (more commonly known as 'yum cha' in Melbourne)
custard egg yolk bun wasn't the best - the mixture wasn't fluid, and what's up with the colour of the bun?!

other than the bun, the food is pretty good, and there's good service

 - - -

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