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25.8.11 trip: paraty - sao paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

here's some pics from Sao Paulo. extend the post to see the eyes of brazil & argentina

 [above] walked around Japan-town in Sao Paulo

 [above] i felt like Sailor Moon.... droolz.

 [above] jonny

[above] brazilian yumness - ham, cheese, tomato bun.

- - -


Anonymous said...

Would kinda like to go back to SP. Didn't see much of it. U wanna come? There's a pretty hot guy there!

luvieur said...

EEEK!!! yes puh-lease!!!??!!?!! haha

true, japantown was ish.. it WAS only just a stop-over.. but nothing really happening there.

♥ kabs said...

ahhhh THE japantown. those treats remind me of a hk bakery yummo <3


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