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ben's dress-up day @school. grim reaper. cloak made by yours truly, scythe made & mask painted by ben, skulls (hanging off scythe) made by ona. chains from auto-traders.

AND. i've finally decided. i DO like the overwashed vintage denim shirts/dresses. on a hunt.


- - -


cicerellos: seafood basket, small seafood chowder
cicerellos aquarium: second pic after the nemo one looks like a vajayjay & backdoor. hahaha
baskin & robbins: love potion - all time favourite

ps: i love all the people constantly supporting me in what i do, and always giving me feedback. actions and words are better than none. much love

- - -


caught red handed not posting my 'right now' segment. heeeheeee
thought i could get away with it.. but some ocd chick wanted to make it clear.. *coff*

my car also got fucked up the ass today. i was stuck in the middle lane of a busy road in peak hour.. unable to start my engine. FML

but all is good now, cos i have m&ms. thank you, Mars.

the latest and most sexiest bag i currently own:


chillin: i love saturdays with my loverboy

i heart parcels: i also make ebay parcels addressed to me (even if its not my item) just cos of the pure joy it brings. ona: you never read this.

and i bid you farewell with this:
"Today, I was at the post office dropping off mail. Out of the corner of my eye I could see an attractive man smiling at me. I turned around to smile back at him. He was a cardboard cutout. MLIA"

- - -


ben's ball
black shirt, black suit, white bowtie, white suspenders, handsome shmuck!

- - - 

V Burgers (Vic Park) with vincent, leen, tracy, paul, bilal
v.friendly cook/owner, note-to-self (&shirley): has sparkling ribena

sexy human forms of serpents bleed boysenberry blood

- - - 

and i thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot i modeled for libby edwards. big kisses to that hoochymama! ps: these photographs belong to libby - so if you sell my ugly face (breach copyrights), i'll punch you in the groin. (=<

sequined bolero from Review || and yes, i'm wearing that Poltock and Walsh copy i made


not gonna talk about the crazy & loud storm. just wanna share the quiet family time.

preparing for the next shoot.

& have slowly been editing my latest event shoot: what a cutie, roite?

- - -

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