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working on WildSafari project: shooting the 'Queen' of the jungle today! :D
i never want the beat to stop...

- - -

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thoroughly enjoying 2010, and always counting my blessings.
i love you ALL!!
yes, you... *thrust* P:

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if you haven't already, do check out mymilktooth on blogspot.
it - is - too - cyooooottt!

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Bird in the Basement
model: Bek

[please clickathapic to have full viewing and read the accompanied script]

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please help support my art, and suggest Luvieur Photography to your friends (:

I'll buy you a unicorn if you do! P:

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The Cats Meow series
The Cats Meow
/ The Cats Meow II / The Cats Purr
model: Bek

(Review bolero, The Cats Meow necklace)

- - -

working on my Wild-Safari project: 2 down, 4 to go
stay tuned for some sneekypeeks! (:

- - - 


scarf from Forever New / sheer blouse from eBay / sheer mini hearts tights from eBay / + black cardigan, black patent bow ballet flats


Watch Me Burn
model: bek

- - -


latest shoots in a short roll

for M13 & S13's wedding (event)

w Libby Edwards (photographer)

for Steph Trang's Monster Ball (event)

w Jesse John Lee (actor)

w Bek Debnam (model)

- - -


received a couple parcels lately.... JOY!

- - -

the winter weather has been so unpredictable.. so i try to grab a bargain before it's no longer sunny outside

- - -

yoga has been the best way to have catchups more often... and we LOVE going to ToTo's viet restaurant in Vic Park after yoga. but my clothes and hair smells like an asian restaurant later ): boo.
[above] LOVE condom rolls. well.. thats what me n b have called it.. it's creeping into my posse's vocab tho! haha... what's it called again? viet fresh paper roll?
Mmm.. Baskin & Robbins for dessert on a winter's night! haha... staying loyal to my Love Potion! <3

shirley's warm slippers (:

- - -

model: yours truly ;)

aaaamazing, right? much <3 to libby! 

- - -

don't forget to 'like' LP on FB! (:
wish there was a 'love', 'hug', or 'slap' button on FB!

ps: I'm currently looking for designers and hair stylists to join my team for a photoshoot project. if you know anyone of the like, please hold their hand and lead them to me! (:

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