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a full moon

[play me, darling]

w bilal & ona

- - -

sorry there's been a lack of posts lately... i've been busy with work, photoshoot planning, ..ikea... and being tired. hahaha

i miss you all!

- - -


Hence72 said...

i love these photos

luvieur said...

thanks hence72! even though the quality has been totally raped by the host.

Anonymous said...

love the right now picture of the day.
tee hee! i know where it's taken

♥ kabs said...

oooh the music is so pretty :) remind me of something tho. but can't think of what? some asian tv drama maybe?

ur food looks yummy too. esp. the pasta... mmm :)


(hehe looks like its reads BACK END)

luvieur said...

lol @ona. well done.

@kabs: i'd bacend you P:
OH, rmb the song in yr8 'Heart of Asia' by Watergate? it was like a trancy song. that's where its so familiar!!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

i havent been to the moon for ages!!!!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

i like the dots

luvieur said...

haha... oh leeen
whats up with ur blog? are you blogging? cos im not getting any rss feeds on it?

Anonymous said...

awwwwww......u guyz r sooo cute 2gether!!!!! wen u gett married u surely gonna av a butiful muslim wedding. besta luck for tha future

♥♥♥ Val ♥♥♥

luvieur said...

AWW VALLLLLL!!!! :D :D that's the sweetest comment... love you.. miss your sexy booty! haha xxx

Anonymous said...

are you muslim? or becuming muslim?


luvieur said...

hahahaha.. that's a very random question.
but no, i'm not. and i don't know yet. (:

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