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time to face the world
don't run away


- - -

going to have dinner at Himalayan (Nepalese Restaurant) tonight.
I've broken my lenses, so no fancy photos for your eyes to feast.
to be honest. i like the imperfections.


- - -


making unicorn themed tees for south america.
just a trip troop thing.
my tee design i made?

kinda wanted to share that with you.

- - -

i'm not on my laptop atm, so i can't do 'Right Now' section,
but i will tell you: I'm hungry. true story.


what a cute smile he has.

- - -

been editing


- - -

and being a little silly goose

i luff my bitch

- - -


Bianca's 19th

me & bestman / supric3ychicken / smashed

- - -

malaysia. k.l. 2011

Rootz / massage / dim sum / night markets / Velvet Underground / bowling / ice coffee / happy sunofagun

- - -


*slaps wrists*
i know. i'm terrible with keeping with posts.
but coming home has been more hectic than i thought - heaps of editing to catch up on.

if you want a daily dose of pretty pictures, do visit

- - -

went to Billie & Rose yesterday to use a 22nd bday gift card. i won't be home (Perth) for much of winter, as i'll be in South America, but bought it anyway. i'm sure it'll be handy when i move to Melbourne!! ((: thank you LCR! haha
<3 earl, p, jussy, starfish, kabs, m, david

- - -

also, i did blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in malaysia.
for those interested, i'll be posting pics of how it's been over the first few weeks

let's not get into the politics.

- - -

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