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bilal bought me tulips when we met for lunch. no reason. (other than because i'm a beautiful princess that deserves all the best at all times P: haha)
a kiss well deserved. love you, dumbass! (: mwa!

purrrty eh? eh?? *eyebrow wiggles* eh?

- - - - -

well overdue:
so i managed to get a photoshoot in when ona's room was getting a little makeover (carpet -> timber, blue walls -> green walls)

the photoshoot was with Robyn, who has pouty lips that all girls would be envious over.
we were talking abt how she looks like aussie model Samantha Harris!

i'm also delighted to present to you, and all-time favourite model of mine - so sexy, dynamic, stylish, and glamourous - ben. lol

anyway, this is ona's room after the makeover and before the tragedy of her moving back into her room

i smell a photoshoot in the green room!


it's been fourteen months
see pillow talk to read abt the DIY pillowcases


let's go Rifo's! (Albany Hwy, Perth, Australia)
lunch special: $20; garlic bread, small pasta, & gelato. we also ordered a pizza (:
love Rifo's!! <3 <3


american apparel bodysuit, lee skinny jeans, mollini heels, forgot the bag brand

daul kim


instead of buying stuff, i like to make it with my own mind, heart, and hands. ... wow - corny!
and i love pillowtalk with baby, so this is his anniversary present. love you babe!! mwa

SURPRISE! ebay parcel! YAY! that gem thing for my halloween costume finally made it down under

SURPRISE! crazy wind and temperamental rain!

[above] i like the droplets hanging for their life, and the comet-like rain in mid-action
[above] face-'plant'ed on my car window

and, SURPRISE! i've made pillowcases! (:
this time, i've taken pics to show you how to DIY! - i'll post it up on the next entry. 



and it kills him inside to know that i am happy with some other price..
sorry YSL, but you'll always be my babyboo!!?


here are most of my bangles and bracelets:
from - Diva, hand made in Shanghai, gift from a friend, Hong Kong markets, Oroton, Review
[above] my love bracelet makes me haaaappyyy!! (: haha
[above] these ones are my favourite atm


assessments are OVER! now i pray that i pass all my units *finger crossed, too*

SO! - it was decided that we have some drinks with my lovely lady loves *singing My Humps tune in my head*

shirley, vanessa, justine, kabs, and your truly @ MinQ (Burswood, Perth, DownUnder)

[above] preppin @vanessa's
[above] love love love lychee martinis & rush hour is oh-so-lovely, too!
Hot & Sour soup, black pepper beef, chilli salt squid <3 <3

PS: if you're wondering why we're being 'tards writing LOVE on our arms, it was to support the To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) day (:
PPS: if you're wondering what I'm wearing, it's a dress i made myself, Diva and Review bangles, Bardot gold mesh studs, Lipstik tan gladi heels, Sportsgirl eye shadow & blush, Chanel lipgloss, Bloom nailpolish 'Yeojin', white Equip chain bag... and Burberry Summer >< hahaha


it's that time of year again - no, it's not xmas - it's exam period [period.]
poor me - having short attention span, short term memory, and low levels of concentration (ooh - check out that outfit on lookbook! - OH, and that item on ebay!).. yes.. poor, poor me.   . .  haha

so here's a toast to all the other students out there,
busy 'studying' [aka FBing] and working hard on assignments:  

may you find inner strength to carry on, and good luck with it all!

*cheers with my coffee mug*


sooo in love with Janelle Monae!
check her in Many Moons doing the moonwalk - and in reverse! as well as other shuffles that i can't name haha (watch this, david! - kabs, tell david! lol)

this chick has style, and is just oh-too-cute! you gotta give her credit for pulling off KFC's oxford shirt! haha
& her sound is sweet, and her lyrics are amazing...
her performance is clearly distinguishable, and reminds me a LOT of Andre 3000 (from Outkast)

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