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[above] Giselle

 [above] best pancakes EVARRR

 [above] lemongrass & ginger tea

spent a lovely morning-to-arvo with Giselle at Soda Cafe

- - -


farewell drinks

goodbyes can be nice. 

- - -


a small room in Minnesota blocks out 99% of external sound. 

when it's quiet, your ears adapt. the quieter the room, the more things you can hear. 
the pounding of your heart, your lungs, your stomach. you then start to fabricate sounds.

the experience is so overwhelming, you must sit down. without sounds to orientate your body and help you with perception, you lose balance and the ability to maneuver.

apparently no one can stay in the room alone for more than 45minutes.

- - -


 [above] alana

 [above] large mocha

brunch with some lovely ladies, at The Naked Fig
alana, amy, & dette

since this, i decided this would be where i'll be eating for breakfast on my birthday. 

- - -


 [above] plywood, pencil, graphite, acrylic

 [above] fluro acrylic, and the beautiful texture shows under different light angle


plywood, pencil, charcoal (fixed), acrylic
44.9 x 30.2 x 0.7cm

for sale $35

- - -

 [above] masaw & longchamp

[above] cheeseboard

 [above] albert

[above] banks

[above] mine

 [above] colkers'

Beaufort St Merchant

i do like round tables.
round conversations.

- - -


 [above] shirley & jussy

 [above] rose iced tea <3

 [above] pea & starfish

 [above] my bitch, kabs

 [above] these bitches eat.

 [above] i love this little lady.

[above] i also love Love Potion.

Jussy drove down from Tom Price, outback, to stay in Perth for a few days. 
we dined in at Raah to feast and finish off with satisfying our sweet tooth.

i also poorly documented food - the food was so irresistable - so the last three photos are courtesy of kabs.

- - -


Life of Grass

transformation & decay.

- - -

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