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27.8.11 trip: BA

location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

here's a bunch of pretty photos from our stay in BA,
extend the post to see (:

 [above] from our hostel, Milhouse (the newer one.. if you're planning on going)

 [above] empanadas & pizza @ the restaurant-cafe around the corner

 [above] graffiti is mostly political in BA, or illustrative

 [above] fooling around in our high-ceiling dorm. myself, aidan, long

 [above] love getting fresh fruit and juice in brazil & argentina!

 [above] view from our dorm balcony

 [above] glued sex adverts are posted everywhere in the city // graffiti in BA is very colourful and uplifiting, when they aren't political

 [above] on the right is chimichurri, a pepper-chilli used throughout Argentina

 [above] very cheap, homely restaurant, El Desnivel

[above] taxi-ing around Argentina

- - -


Anonymous said...

Food! Making me hungry! BAs gotta be a favorite!

♥ kabs said...

more photos of food. yum.

LOL at the cage pics. u fit so comfortably! whereas, long and aidan are clearly uncomfortable!

&& hope ur collarbone gets better soon! gotta hurt like craaaaaaaaayzyy!


luvieur said...

thanks bebeh!! i hope so toooo! i wanna go bust a groove. lol.

Vanessa said...

OMFG at your collarbone!! :S
On another note, profile pic that caged photo, so coolios yo

luvieur said...

HAHA!!! thanks starfish! xx

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