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Journey of Private Moon in the Arctic

- - -

shining alone.

- - -


Staring at Stars top/dress // WeSC Laika

i've had my eye on the jacket for a while now, and saw that Urban Outfitters were having free shipping for $50+ orders to Australia. i hopped into the shopping cart and browsed for more goodies.
then found this gorgeous bell-sleeved lace top/dress (now sold out).
so happy with my purchases lately... 

ps: use NEWSKOOL promo code for 10% off

- - -


[above] honestly, i'm excited to try this. everyone else has been saying bad things.

[above] $6.50 men's shirt. it reminded me of art in primary school, when i took dad's shirt to wear as an 'art shirt'

[above] $6.50 Ralph Lauren, super large men's shirt i'll be making into a dress. i love the pajamas look, and the fact that they were menswear.

[above] gold

[above] $3.50 women's shirt, i've already taken the shoulder pads out. i couldn't walk past the lovely embroidery details.

[above] $2.50 sheer top

i love all my purchases from the op shops here in Kalgoorlie...
i find that i'm more attracted to the menswear section..... word.

- - -


the warm and wet ride to Kalgoorlie.
having a short little escape, even though it's for work.. and although i just came back from Sydney.

- - -

Sydney over the weekend
instagram & more...

[above] birthday Hunters from ona // Corica gift for Paul

 [above] night sights of Sydneytown

[above] first feed as I land: Devil's Delight // birthday Jordans from paul

[above] this is how breakfast makes me feel...

[above] Pie Tin // street art

[above] 2nd day breakfast.. love ham/cheese/tomato combo! // lovely weather

 [above] walking around town // ultra wind effect in Darling Harbour

 [above] Pauly v

[above] looking up at the Opera House // 


[above] full & satisfied, Adriano Zumbo


 [above] zumbo train // jordan IV's

 [above] rich & hot

 [above] Hurricane ribs & bibs

[above] street art

- - -

thank you so much, again, Paul.
food safari, it was.

- - -

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