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just bought so much amazing stuff from Sportsgirl, and have upped my visual merchandised room to the next level!
thrilling waves of happiness blew my system apart as i went nuts shopping in my new workplace. it's so good to have more pretty clothes to wear (so limited before)

- - -

old post, didn't publish it. OOPS >< 'doi
still haven't worn the pretty sequin jacket yet. but really looking forward to the right weather for it! (:

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[above] jussy

[above] david, ted, jussy, kabs, & i
spent the beginning of the year playing with guns! not too bad, huh?
i think i'll be okay during a zombie apocalypse

- - -


went to the Dole Plantation and North Shore before kicking off new years eve shenanigans
 more after the jump


the big day we were all waiting for..
Pearly getting married. and it was ... SO... so, so, so beautiful.
i am so freakin happy for you, pea, and for the Takeda family to have such an incredible person to enter their lives. 

photos after the jump x


hotel pool fun, shopping at Ala Moana again, and Hooters for dinner - all this after the jump
finally doing something 'touristy', went to the Pearl Harbour
more at the jump (:


more photos after the jump. everybody jump. jump. jump. jump.
day 02 in Waikiki, photos after the jump (;


hi.. (:

given that my latest trip to Hawaii was several days long, i'll be following the same format i blogged my South America travels (:
if you'd like to see my South America travel photo blogging (that i did during travels), you can see them in 2011 (27th May, to 26th July), the titles start with ""
if you'd like to see my re-caps of photos i took in South America, you can see them in 2011 (21st August, to 8th September), the titles start with " trip:"

photos after the jump (;


John Foster's cocktail table

- - -

i've terribly abandoned this blog - my sincerest apologies.
(& a special 'hi' to eddie & long - thanks for still checking up on my blog)

i'm finally getting Hawaii pics together to share with you all (:
rub ewe wrong thyme. xx

- - -

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