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23.6.11 brazil & argentina

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I haven't updated on my trip for a long time, cos I didn't have enough pics to show. Then, I lost my phone. So I'm terribly sorry if u don't like reading (like me), but this entry is gonna be text

We went to Parque Lage, which is an amazing place to visit. There's an art gallery, outdoors aquarium, and caves! It's a forest-like park, be sure to take your camera if you go!
Lapa street party (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a pretty fun experience. A few streets are taken over by food stalls, people serving alcohol, selling handcrafted goods, people dancing, clubs blasting music, and against what I've been warned about Brazil being a little unsafe (esp where more locals are, & going out at night), it wasnt bad.
I also have to mention here, that we stayed at Lemon Spirit Hostel, which I really recommend to stay at if you ever go Rio. The staff are really cool: bartenders Nino and Priscilla are awesome cats. And it's a small hostel, so you kinda are forced to get to know people.

There was still heaps to do in Rio, but we had to leave to go to Paraty. It was beautiful there. No, haha, it's not a Party town like the name might suggest... It's a small town, with a lot of outdoors stuff to do.
We went to a few beaches, including a rock pool area - climbing on to massive rocks to sunbake on. We also went kayaking, which was an awesome first experience!
There was a waterfall we missed out on (weather and time factors), where you can slide down a mossy rock/mountain thing on your butt (or feet, like locals do).

We then went to Sao Paulo, as a pit stop, and just took the train around to explore a little of Japan Town, and downtown of the city. Staying at Limetime Hostel was okay, the place looks kinda cool. But people weren't that friendly. And the dog, Gringo, can get nasty!

From Sao Paulo, we went to the Iguasu Falls (brazil side) ... And WOW. really a surreal experience. It's like living in a screensaver. Being so close to a waterfall is crazy!! We stayed at Bambu Hostel, which ain't too bad.

Then we went to travel to the Argentina side of Iguasu Falls, which makes for more than 3/4 of the Falls. There's heaps more to do on the Argentina side, and the highlight was the boat ride - getting so close to the falls, u get drenched!! We stayed at Bambu Hostel again, and was alright. It was lovely having hot showers again!

The day after we took an 18hour bus ride to Buenos Aires, still in Argentina. It's very European, and looks like what I imagine New York to be like, just less busy, and more open space. The first night, we just got drunk at the hostel bar.. The hostel, Milhouse, is highly recommended if anyone is going into BA. there's hot water, friendly English speaking staff, and lots of people to meet. The place is pretty cool, and bunks aren't bad! Can't wait to go to the hand-crafted and antique markets.. hopefully pick up some awesome shit! ((:


1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

so much words! haha but i read it all.

omg, the waterfalls would have been so wonderful! i cant imagine how awesome it would have been!

i definitely have to go on a south america trip sometime in my life!! so many places and experiences that i cant even begin to imagine!! looks like so much fun!


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