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umm .. holy macarol!?


[above] margs is filled with cows, painted and dressed to impress for a competition ending at the end of this month
[above] had the Berry Farm's famous beef & red wine pie (: $24.. im not a big red wine fan.. so it wouldnt get my two thumbs up. but the pastry's pretty damn good!       
[above] margs is full of beautiful nature .. a lot of the pics are from the back garden from the Comfort Inn i stayed at
[above] i had tacos at the Settler's Tavern (suggested by a good friend, Min!) pretty good!! :D

back from margaret river! & with some killer photoshoot ideas!! :D will be caring and sharing soon.

ps: HI & THANX to miss mon v for the referral! x

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watch 0.59 and 2:30


so.. my other half has left to work in Christmas Island as a security officer (and yes, of course they have xmas everyday there! what a stupid question you were thinking! but, really, no).
before he left, he bought me this set of rings
so i've been trying to fill in day and night time by being a busy bee. the other night, i took these mongrels out for strawberry cake & friiiiies @Moon Cafe :D


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rmb how i said i was gonna have a competition soon?
well! sit down on my lap, and let me tell you a little bit more...
since my birthday is coming up, i thought it'd be a sweet idea to give back to my blog readers. no matter where on the planet you are on.
anyone can enter.. and it's not those "in 25 words or less, tell me why im the most radical cool cat around!" ... you simply would have to enter your name and contact detail (email, whatever)!
yes. that's it.
just your name.
and your contact detail.

so stay tuned. the prize will be announced soon.

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ohhh mannn.. i sure feel like one of these!

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ps: if you haven't already... support my work by 'like'ing Luvieur Photography's page on facebook!!
muchos gracias!!

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model: matt

in respect to those who tread softly
most wanted to least

^ Jeffrey Campbell's black booties 'Ninetynine' in 8.5 [linkity]

^ sheer / light skull print scarf

^ Silver Sportsgirl Posh Armour Ring

^ Silver Sportsgirl Liquid Metal Armour Ring

^ Silver Armour Ring [ebay link ending on 25/june]

^ Knuckle dusters [link]

^ 120mm film - colour or b&w, expired or new [ebay link]

^ tan leather bag [ebay link]

^ pussy bow blouse
^ coloured markers that let you draw on top of photos [ebay link]

^ Rimmel nude lipstick

^ full body iPhone cover - like the InvisibleShield

 ^ iPhone charger

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model: robyn

gonna go to margaret river next week! can't wait - wineries, venison farm, margs cheese, and sunsets! 

also, my birthday is coming up... so im doing some MAJOR shopping!!
a wishlist will be up for my lovers, and i'm also going to do a competition soon!! 

stay in touch, niiigss. 

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this video clip has inspired me for my next shoot.

oh, waitwaitwait! i forgot to say ... i've been browsing around for my bday dress.. so i went to king st with kabs. really cute crop top @billie & rose, as well as some vintage rock tees. then @zomp, i found these amazing heels called Dacey! LOHVV. and aaaamaaazing sale stuff @subway DC, but none that i really wanted for my bday and was under $300. they stock House of Harlow tho! ((: loving that necklace, but i prefer my knuckledusters... kabs did find a new skin! cant wait to see her wear it out - hot as ever.
which then reminds me.. a new Dsquared skeletal heel has been found!
the search is still on...

Dmitry Maximov has really adorable pictures

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