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1.9.11 trip: uyuni

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this is the Salt Lakes, where i spent my birthday. 
it was freezing as fuxk, but so mindfuxking beautiful!!!

this was my birthday present from kabs. thanks babe! (: x

extend post! (:

 [above] 4AM start to see the sunrise on Salt Lakes

 [above] jonny & daz... freezing their ass off

 [above] some tourists come by to make their mark

 [above] Salt Lake

 [above] the beautiful reflection the Salt Lake has... sunrise looking at a different direction

 [above] sunrise on one side

 [above] me, getting frozen nipples.

 [above] driving back to Uyuni

 [above] lucky to see a parade - have no idea what they were celebrating!

 [above] the beautiful lights and colours

 [above] coca tea // a teething pup at the restaurant

- - -

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Such a cute puppy! Only place that couldnof possibly had something stolen! Haha pretty lucky! How did the movie go? Good? Looks epic!

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