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sunday morning

$1 bracelet (the one i'm putting on)
those shoes i wanted from Sportsgirl, ona is the new ona.. owner

ona's outift today

my outfit today

when we got home...

$5 plaid shirt
$2 lightweight dress


rainbow leen ♥ said...

zomg at the heels!!
and wow, ona.. omg you look like you've lost heaps of weight! :O look at those legs!
heheh rufus is so cute lol.

Joeyy said...

I'm loving the shoes!!! Do they come in black?? How much?? I'm on a tight budget and you guys always find bargains!!! *_* I should've set up a stall xD but people keep telling us to open up a store >_< HIGH DEMANDS but no money D;

luvieur said...

@leen: teehee! eye nose! haha.. rufus is a cute little dumb ass.

@joeyy: which shoes? yeah, we tried finding u, but u weren't there ): pooper scooper.

rainbow leen ♥ said...

is rufus scared of thunder??

luvieur said...

a little. during the storm, he was warm and safe in my bed.. but was still shaking. poor bub.

♥ kabs said...

yes nice shoes indeed fi.

i think might have been the only one who noticed the 'I <3 PUSSY' sign HAHA... like WTF? at a market with kids and all!! that should only belong to club X


luvieur said...

GYPERF your face.

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