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new feature

new feature to this photoblog: "right now" box [see diagram A]
hope you'll find it mildly entertaining, and a better tool to stalk me (;

diagram A:

ps: 38degrees today.. AND I THOUGHT SUMMER WAS OVER!


Vanessa said...

i'm sick of this muggy weather stef :(
your arms look so nice and slim here, please teach me how to also get arms like that.

p.s. this new feature, i like ;)

luvieur said...

you let it hang away from your body (: haha, seriously.

THANKS! im glad you like it!! (:

♥ kabs said...

38 degrees outside or 38 degrees at yoga?

nice new feature. i already stalk u, so i guess it doesn't make much difference. but now u r giving me permission to stalk me.


thats my verification code. wtf is derwhin? anyways, i'm gonna be really annoying and add my verification code at the end of all my comments from now on! HAHA

luvieur said...

no wonder!! i was reading all ur recent comments, thinking: pfft.. kabs is such a dumbwhore. she's writing her verification code. lol.
now u've comfirmed that you aren't as stupid as i thought ><"

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