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nacho libre

it's been a while.
i've been working heaps: @work & @home.
the other day, i had a photoshoot sess with paul.. it was of old and wasted petrol stations, and warehouses. not usually my thing (to take pics of architecture) - but it was awesome! thanks PV!

wrecked warehouse *2 points for alliteration - fuck yes, i'm a poet!*


later that night, i made nachos - for. my. very. first. TIME!
you know what makes nachos fucking awesome? the beef, the chilli con carne, the mozarella cheese, the sour cream, and the crispy corn chips. fuck. that's the whole thing... - YUM!

and while eating dinner:


Anonymous said...

i want a free radio!
look like one of those awesome clicker counters
so coool.

luvieur said...

totes. but i didnt wanna bring any sort of STDs or other diseases home by accepting the invitation. lol.
there were undies, girl's clothes, and a whole lot of other shit going on there!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

oh i love the graffiti stuff! its so cool! mmm nachos with old papas sauce is pretty good too.

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