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starting my 10day detox tomorrow.
i've got my breakfast, lunch, & dinner all worked out already... only for the first couple days -_-" haha... i can't wait to see results - i hope to feel cleaner, energetic, and like paris hilton. i will weigh myself and let you guys know if i've lost any kgs, too! but bear in mind..


yes, just started today - it was really good. it will help me with my detox, and flexibility - cos really... that department has been out of order for a while now.
bikram yoga in myaree (along with kabs, van, jussy, ..)

- - - 


rainbow leen ♥ said...

so many ppl are doing bikram yoga now. i thought you said you didn't see the point in doing it coz your just losing water??

luvieur said...

im doing now cos im detox-ing.

Joeyy said...

awww looks awesome@@ I should really detox.. but i dunno what to do and how ahahahhaha Should really get back in to shape =.= I've lost my routine now that I'm living with kev D;

Vanessa said...

everytime i finish a bikram yoga sesh, i feel like i've just came out of a war.

oooh lemme know more of your detox plan. i'll ask you on thurs heh.

luvieur said...

@joeyy: detox packages should come with booklets to let you know what and how to do things (you just have to follow it). you can even find 7day detox packages! (:

@starfish: i cant make it to catch up anymore ): i was really looking forward to it.. but i have my grad ceremony on! haha
but u always have fb & blog to stalk me and find out everything i'm up to! (:
i miss you guys tho.. havnt seen you all in yonks

♥ kabs said...

u r crazy. r u meant to be doing yoga whilst on ur detox? especially a crazy one like bikram? HAHA how is the detox going anyways? u feeling like paris hilton yet?


luvieur said...

i felt as if a cyclone ran through my body.

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