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(not really) lazy sunday

i got out of bed at 8.30AM.. a surprising time because if you turned back time to '09, i would be trying to get as much sleep as i could get.
so i thought.. well.. what can i do on an early sunday morning? HA - only one thing - sunday canning markets. (flea markets)

im so glad i went.. cos i got these 4 bracelets for a bargain!!
how cute is that skull one? O: last one too, bitches P: mneh!

then i continued the day along at the perth city cultural centre if you haven't been in a while.. or at all... here's what you're missing out on during a 38degree aussie summer:
yes.. children. no - haha.. please dont take me to jail ): - im not a pedo


♥ kabs said...

awww stop shopping without me miss! its very very cruel! HAHA

sure. taking pics of chldren, in their bathing suits, not one, not two, but in three consecutive pics is totally un-pedo behaviour!

u must be hanging around smellemma again!

luvieur said...

the best thing about twenty six year olds is that there's 20 of them.


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