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graduation: Bachelor of Media & Bachelor of Mutimedia
& mum bought me a graduaton bear - aww!! haha.. thanks mumssies

thanks babe, for taking all the photos!! mmmwa

supper after graduation @ hawkers
sizzling black pepper beef, kopi peng (iced coffee), chicken & corn soup, hot & sour soup

- - - 

rufus is a dufus ... and just had a shower

- - -

ps: now 600+ photos in this photoblog! (:
pps: 2 more days until detox is over


Stephanie Vei-Li said...

Graduation outfit->Hot Shoes->Hawkers

I think I just jizzed in my pants.
Congrats Stef! Hope to see you around [place of employment] soon :)

luvieur said...

thanks babe!! xx

rainbow leen ♥ said...

Congrats again!! :)
welcome to working life!
Murdoch graduates! YAY!!
i really do love your whole outfit!!
love always, your multimedia buddy x

♥ kabs said...

congratz babe! did u fall down in ur heels when u did ur walk?

haha yummm hot n sour soup!! when r we going next?

& hows ur detox progress so far?


luvieur said...

@leen: thanks bubba

@kabs: unfortunately for you, i didnt stack it on the stage.
unfortunately for you, you missed out on me stacking it when i was running out of the seminar doors towards the table of cookies: hands wide open, biggest grin ever, heart beating fast --> big bruise on my foot.
hawkers for catchup?

aricasc your face!!

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