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20 years of ona

there there baby, it's just textbook stuff. it's in the A B C of growing up... - Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars

- - - 

before i move onto exciting subjects, i'll post up a couple pics of my vag, my new lunchboxes (WHOO!), and a cute little lady i saw today
Sportsgirl high-waisted shorts, Sportsgirl gold sphinx belt

i was gonna scan & put up a photo of this dickface, but cbf cos i'm in bed now HAHA
nevertheless, i still have pics for your eyes to FEAST on!
ona's wearing Out With Evie

ps: happy birthday, ona!   hope you LOVE your new head.


Anonymous said...

i'm so sexy.

s'funny. even with a new head. i'm sure i'll still want to rape little kids.

rainbow leen ♥ said...

omg love the new head!! i think it may be easier to rape little kids now lol

♥ kabs said...

LOl i agree with leen.

PS. my verification code is "SONAL" if i take away the first and last letter, what does it spell?

luvieur said...

hahaha... isnt that a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

It's not coincidence... It's destiny.

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