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voices in my head

check out: Rihanna & Justin Timberlake - Hole in My Head


really liking faux fur right now - thinking of getting one for winter. probably will go black like this History student from Paris. ubercute.
photocredit: coutorture, src738

the only tights i want this Autumn/Winter!!

needing (well, wanting) a new bag - i wouldn't mind this green, or a berry colour. and im still thinking of getting this Forever21 bag.

and holy cow, another way to 'extend' my legs - the female trady shoes

- - -

i've grown some fondness on oldschool bicycles... the ones with baskets, of course!


rainbow leen ♥ said...

that is one crazy wedges!! zomg

luvieur said...

its pureettty!!! hahaa
i wanna get my claws on it!!

♥ kabs said...

man u are making me depressed that i don't have time to explore all these awesome things anymore!

*air evils*

luvieur said...

*dodges air evils* hahaha

luvieur said...

but im glad you have time to read my blog!! ((: xx

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