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from the sea

cicerellos: seafood basket, small seafood chowder
cicerellos aquarium: second pic after the nemo one looks like a vajayjay & backdoor. hahaha
baskin & robbins: love potion - all time favourite

ps: i love all the people constantly supporting me in what i do, and always giving me feedback. actions and words are better than none. much love

- - -


♥ kabs said...

awwww cute beanie/beret thing!

and yes i agree with u abt the second pic after nemo. LOL!



Hence72 said...

excellent work

rainbow leen ♥ said...

nemo ♥ and his blue fish friend hahah i can't remember if its from the same movie lol bad memory.
i like your 'right now' photo for this post very much! x

luvieur said...

@kabs: SALEPUPI your face P: hahaha

@Hence72: thanks!! :D

@leen: haha.. dori? yes.. she was in the same movie. haha .. getting old are we dear?
THANKS!!! <3 <3 my 'right now' photo loves you!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

yes, dori, that's the one. tend to lose the memory from time to time, it just ain't as good as it was when i was 21 lol

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