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curiouser and curiouser, we've lost our muchness


so i went to watch Alice In Wonderland today.. the Tim Burton (one of my fav directors) version.
i likes.

we (myself, ona, ben) decided to dress up for it.. even tho it wasn't the first screening (which is the traditional time to dress up for a movie).
we went for joey's 21st ... hopefully joey/jesz/kev didn't think we were toooooo "weird".


- - - 

im also trying to keep this photoblog on time.. 
i've been extremely busy these last few weeks, my posts are not in sync with the date they were taken *slaps wrist* naughty me.
shouldnt matter much.. timeliness is nothingness


rainbow leen ♥ said...

omg ben's eye is creepy!! i like it!! love fi's hat and facial expressions haha and your hair is so cool. i like the 6th photo best! it reminds me of when we dressed up for photography in first year.. that was so fun!

luvieur said...

teehee!! i know i know! awesome fun!!!

♥ kabs said...

Niiiceee guys! all looking very in character. ben looks evil. his eye is crazy.

u should go blonde, but then u would look like those fob-by teeny-boppers. at least u weren't stupid enough to bleach ur eyebrows like a TB i saw at met-hoes once.

anyways, back on topic. nice outfits peeps! save them and do like a alice in wonderland themed bday or something!

luvieur said...

yeah.. i've had a few comments about going blonde now..
i might even risk it in a couple years. dunno. we'll see hey

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