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oh harrow!

the top left pic is a shoot i did with kabs a while back. story is: my external HD was involved in a accidental crash and i have not taken it to hospital yet. luckily, this one pic stayed in my camera - cos i like to keep at least one photo from a shoot for memories - it was my favourite one. and here it is.. resurrected (not really) and alive.

the top right pic is the most recent shoot i did with leah - went for a greek goddess ..half alive looking, half stone/porcelain looking.

- - -

i have another photoshoot in mind: featuring alison & ash again.. so if you liked the pics i did of them before, keep your eyes open!! ((:
previous shoots of ash & alison

- - -

watching Alice in Wonderland today; dressing up; post up pics once .. i've taken them. HA! hurdy gurdy hurdy


rainbow leen ♥ said...

omgomgomg cant wait to see the aiwl pictures!!!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

and yes more ash and alison shoots!! soo pureetttyy!!

♥ kabs said...

wooahhh its been a while since i've been on.

&& i had to go back a page (previous post thingy) to find where i last left off! get ready for major spamming miss!

luvieur said...


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