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4.9.11 trip: colombia

and we arrive in Colombia!
one of my favourite destinations through our whole trip - Cartagena!!

read the blog entry cusco & cartagena

and extend post to see the visuals! :D

[above] our first hostel, El Viajero

[above] our next hostel, Makako

[above] fresh juicy and sweet fruit. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

[above] i absolutely LOVED the colours and doors of the buildings in Colombia

[above] jonny

[above] went to a cafe/bar at the Colombian wall (made for the war centuries ago)

[above] went to our favourite little sushi restaurant...

[above] little creature chillin in the lantern, our hostel Makako

- - -


Anonymous said...

Haha little bit of a mistake changing hostel, but people in the second were much nicer. And u didn't have to walk through a gauntlet to get to your room every night! Haha

luvieur said...

dat party hostel! haha

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